Unlocking Creativity, Unleashing Innovation Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Pahang

List of Projects and Participants

Category A

Academicians (Public/Private Universities, Colleges)
Social Sciences & Science Technology

A001 Leealin: A Potent Skin Infection Fighter Dr. Aiza Harun UiTM PAHANG
A002 Upcycling Combustion Waste Into Lightweight Geopolymer Concrete Siti Noorbaini Sarmin UiTM PAHANG
A003 Deacat – Catalytic Deacidification of Acidic Petroleum Crude Oil Dr.Norshahidatul Akmar Mohd Shohaimi UiTM PAHANG
A004 Mercury Electrode as an Alternative Working Electrode for RB5 Determination by Voltammetric Technique Nur Syamimi Zainuddin UiTM PAHANG
A005 Application of Rice Husk Biochar (oryza sativa sp.) on Acidic Soil Wan Noni Afida Ab Manan UiTM PAHANG
A006 MOOC for Project and Construction Management Nurul Aishah Abd Rahman UiTM PAHANG
A007 Quick Method: Limits at Infinity (QuMLaI) Yusharina Yusof UiTM PAHANG
A008 Automated Working Space Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection Using Internet of Things (IoT) Sensing Module Nor Azhar Ahmad UMP
A009 Aplikasi Interaktif Mudah Alih Bahasa Arab Permulaan Dr. Fauzi Azmi UiTM PAHANG
A010 Effective Data Collaborative (EDaC) for Data Consolidation Dr. Noorihan Abdul Rahman UiTM KELANTAN
A011 The Infographics for Cybersecurity Awareness Dr Zuriani Ahmad Zukarnain UiTM KELANTAN
A012 Smart Pre-Internal Audit System Mohd Norafizal UiTM PAHANG
A013 Adjustable table using Wooden Pallet Nur Hannani Abd Latif UiTM PAHANG
A014 Malaysian Financial Distress Early Warning Matrix (MFDEWM) Suzaida Bakar UNITEN
A015 Claysite: Sayong Clay Commercial Composite Ahmad Ramli Bin Rashidi UiTM P.GUDANG
A016 Flexible Newspaper Holder Ahmad Fazlan Ahmad Zamri UiTM KEDAH
A017 Superficial Antifungal Jiringa Cream Zurhana Mat Hussin UiTM PAHANG
A018 Bioplastic Development Via Jackfruit Seed and Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Fairuzdzah Ahmad Lothfy UiTM PAHANG
A019 Agri-Plucko Azmir Mamat Nawi UiTM KEDAH
A020 ‘Orang Kitak’ – The Interactive Mobile Game Application for Native People Wan Zamani W. Zakaria UiTM PUNCAK ALAM
A021 Orienteering Training Kit With Android Dibber (OTKad) Mohammad Ridhwan Nordin POLITEKNIK MUADZAM
A022 ‘Patriot-Hearts’- Experiencing Learning on the History of Lieutenant Adnan Wan Zamani W. Zakaria UiTM PUNCAK ALAM
A023 TVD2 – Television Distance Detector Kalam Azad Isa UiTM PAHANG
A024 Corncob Activated Carbon (CCAC) as Textile Effluent Adsorbent Marhsahida Mat Yashim UiTM TGANU
A025 Smart Producer Game Nor Aziah Abd Kadir UiTM PAHANG
A026 Finance Matters: Readiness for Future Responsibilities (RFR) Mohd Samsuri Ghazali UiTM PAHANG
A027 e-Building Inspection System (e-BIS) Nadira Ahzahar UiTM PERAK
A028 Nur Mobile Lab Intan Bayani Zakaria UiTM PERAK
A029 Arcadia-Kit Roslaili Binti Anuar UiTM PUNCAK ALAM
A030 Study on the Effectiveness of FBD Ruler 2.0 for Promoting Students’ Understanding in Newton’s Laws Amin Aadenan UiTM K.PILAH
A031 MOOC: Live-Online-Lecturer (LOL) Mohd Norafizal Abd Aziz UiTM PAHANG
A032 Image Enhancement Technique Using Local Processing of Bright and Dark Regions of Low Contrast Image Saiful Fadzli Salian UiTM P.PINANG
A033 SME Simple Accounting System (SME-SAS) Maizatul Akmar Mohd Rasli
A034 LEDLIDI: Coconut Leaf Stick Lighting Asrol Hasan UiTM KEDAH
A035 Micro Enterprise Accounting Literacy and Practices Index (Me-ALP Index) Susana Narawi
A036 HR Board Game for Final Year HR Undergraduates Dr Ramesh Krishnan UiTM MELAKA
A037 My Guide – Information Search Application for Employees in Work Organizations Dr Ramesh Krishnan UiTM MELAKA
A038 Mengaplikasikan Seni Batik Lukis Dalam Reka Bentuk Produk Kontemprari dan Moden Rosaliana Rahim
A039 POW-OCM for Differentiation Asyura Abd Nassir UiTM PAHANG
A040 360° Panoramic View of Creative Media and Technology Hub, UiTM Dr Masrur Mohd Khir UiTM SHAH ALAM
A041 Production of Biodegradable Plastic from Eggshell Syarifah Faezah Syed Mohamad UiTM PAHANG
A042 MoBL: A Mobile Blended Learning Application Dr Tengku Intan Suzila UiTM PAHANG
A043 Integrated Thinking Integrated Reporting (ITIRIi) Indicator Mira Susanti Amirrudin UiTM SHAH ALAM
A044 E-KPI Fatini Hanim Mohamed Taufek UNITEN
A045 CFS Concrete Sheet Pile Wall Fadhluhartini Muftah UiTM PAHANG
A046 Cold-Formed Steel OSB Sheathing Wall Mohd Syahrul Hisyam Mohd Sani UiTM PAHANG
A048 Indus-Train System as a Solution Medium for Unsystematic Monitoring and Assessment of Students Undergoing Industrial Training Farah Wahida Mohd Latib UiTM PAHANG
A049 CS-ONTHEGO: Lecturer Support Service Using Mobile Application to Enhance Student Learning of Computer Science Zulazeze Sahri UiTM PAHANG
A050 The Disguise E-Code: Evolution in Administration Ainamardia Nazarudin UiTM PAHANG
A051 Smart Courseware of Probability Topic Aszila Samat UiTM PAHANG
A052 Congested Table Rozaimy Ridzuan UiTM PAHANG
A053 SOCOF Solution of Composite Function Mohd Faiz Abdul Rahman VOKASIONAL KUANTAN
A054 LUDME Lucky draw made easy Roslan Sadjirin UiTM PAHANG
A055 Mini Motivation: Small Size big impact Nursyaidatul Kamar Mohd Shah UiTM PAHANG
A056 Application of Malaysian and Arabic Frankincense for Detection of Non Halal Food and reducing Uranium content in Food Dr Adeen Hayyan UM
A057 Match em right Norasyikin Abd Malik
A058 Comp-Safe Concrete Cantilever Retaining Wall Dr Rohaya Alias UiTM PAHANG
A059 Jiringa Body Scrub Sarah Laila Mohd Jan UiTM PAHANG
A060 The effectiveness of nano Koalinite as additives in kaolinite clay Atiqah Najwa zainudin UiTM P.GUDANG
A061 Portable insect trap Roziana Bujang UiTM PAHANG
A062 SMART Soil Linear System Farah Hafifee ahmad UiTM SARAWAK
A063 Easy Driving Aids Siti Khadijah Hasan UiTM TGANU
A064 Usefulness of action oriented Simulation Accounting Package Noor Emilina Mohd Nasir UiTM TGANU
A065 Fire Evacuation Safety guide System Nur Diana Rahmat Rose
A066 Interactive Smart Dashboard –STEPWEY TOOL Azlinda Mohamad UiTM TGANU
A067 Mathonopoly-Differentiation Edition Fairuz Shohaimay UiTM PAHANG
A068 Engineered Endospernum sp Lannie Francis UiTM SARAWAK
A069 Soiless Mixture Sarina Hashim
A070 Teaching Aid for Non-Law Programmes: Pictorial Simulations using Powerpoint Dr Sheela a/p Jayabalan UiTM SHAH ALAM
A071 Awareness of Law- Using Animation Dr Daleleer Kaur Randawar UiTM SHAH ALAM
A072 Green Eggshell/ Norihan Yahya
Polypropylene Biocomposite UiTM PAHANG
A073 Constitutional Law Kit Suria Fadhilah Md Pauzi UiTM PAHANG
A074 Roda Kitaran Permasalahan Wanita Norazlina Mamat UiTM PAHANG
A075 Ultrasound in Medicine Online Course: Innovative Approach in Medical Education Dr Sabrilhakim Sidek UiTM SG BULUH
A076 Industrial Training Application and Assessment Integrated System (ITAIS) Syamsir Akmal Senawi UiTM PAHANG
A077 Aplikasi e-Kira CGPA Program Diploma Kejuruteraan Awam UiTM Haslin Idayu Amaruddin UiTM PAHANG
A078 Flood Detection Alarm System (FlooDAS) Roger Canda UiTM PAHANG
A079 Flies-away Effective Microbes Wan Siti Atikah Wan Omar UiTM PAHANG
A080 Dabai Seasoning Powder Nur Afisha Yusuf UiTM SARAWAK
A081 RBT KIT Mohd Yazid Mohd Shariff MRSM BENTONG
A082 HRM Basic Open Learning through MOOC Norchahaya Johar UiTM TGANU
A083 A Combination of Electroless and Electrodeposition Method as an Alternative for Manufacturing SOFC Anodes Dr Zadariana Jamil UiTM PAHANG
A084 Natural Aromatic “Pandan” Freshener Sarehan Hj Sadikin UiTM SARAWAK
A085 Bluish-Purple of Telang Flower Hasratul Nadiah Mohd Rashid UiTM K.PILAH
A086 Staff Residence College Reporting System in Cloud Mohd Norafizal Abdul Aziz UiTM PAHANG
A087 Hybrid AC-PV Educational Trainer as Teaching Aids Kafiza Ahmad Kamaruzzaman POLITEKNIK SAS
A088 FinSAGAME Dr Hasni Abdullah UiTM PAHANG
A089 Smoking Cessation Clinic Tool Kit: Stage of Change Approach Nur Hasanah Ruslam UiTM PAHANG


Category B

Tertiary Students (Public/Private Universities, Colleges, Matriculations, Polytechnics)
Social Sciences & Science Technology

B001 Landslide Detector Muhammad Luqman Safri UiTM P.GUDANG
B002 A Smart System to Monitor and Control Vehicle’s Status Mohammad Farid Mohd Zaid UTP
B003 EZ Chopping Board Mohd Fais Mohd Faizu UiTM PAHANG
B004 EduBi Nur Alia Nadhira Ali Hussin UiTM PAHANG
B005 Adjustable Cup Holder Intan Nazirah Roslan UiTM PAHANG
B006 My-CAS: The Development of an Alert System to Aid Parents in Sensing Presence of Child in the Car Nor Shahirah Azhar UTP
B007 Educational Kit for Learning Transient Response Behavior in Control System Theory By Using Temperature Control in Hot Air Blower as Application Mohd Ridzwan Fakrudin
B008 High Performance, Non Toxic and Green Natural Polymer Adhesive for Paper and Wood Industries Nur Khairunnisya Hanafi UiTM SHAH ALAM
B009 Centralized Aquaculture Feeding System Mohammad Hafizzul Fitri Mohd Abd Hakim UiTM PERAK
B010 Multitaskers Mirror Muhammad Akmal Anuar UiTM PAHANG
B011 2 en 1 Recipient Norliza Mohd Salleh UiTM PAHANG
B012 Easy Blow Gun 1 (EB Gun 1) Hafizi Noor Habibullah UiTM PAHANG
B013 Too4 Palas Suriatie Atika Mohamed Shuburi UiTM PAHANG
B014 e-Pasu: A Smarter Transplanting Container Nur Natasya Nadeeya Mohd Rafi UiTM PAHANG
B015 Green Antimicrobial Film from Polymer Organic Waste for Food and Medical Packaging Industries Siti Aishah Mohd Isa UiTM SHAH ALAM
B016 EM-Odour Free Muzammil Izzat Arbain UiTM PAHANG
B017 Hole Tray Hadi Shapii Ahmad Shapi’i UiTM PAHANG
B018 Burgslimm Siti Nur Diyana Ibrahim UiTM PAHANG
B019 Easy-Tinja Hafiszan Masirom UiTM MELAKA
B020 Development of Hand Support and Therapy Khairul Asyraf Abu Talib POLITEKNIK SHAH ALAM
B021 EKU Box Amirun Rafiq Khairul Anuar UiTM PAHANG
B022 Magic Bin Wan Amanina Liana Wan Ibrahim UiTM PAHANG
B023 CAMSY Jackary Picasso Anak Frederick UiTM PAHANG
B024 Fitness Bracelet Mohammad Toha Azmi UiTM PAHANG
B025 Quantum Sajjadah Nik Muhammad Zuhair Shamsudin UiTM PAHANG
B026 Paint Stick 2.0 Nur Farisa Nadia Mohammad Lehan UiTM PAHANG
B027 Smart Wheelchair with Hand Reinforcement Siti Nurfaezah Yusof POLITEKNIK SHAH ALAM
B028 Development of a Virtual Exercise Trainer and Retrofittable Motion Sensor for Monitoring Strength Training Performance Muhammad Shamirul UiTM SEREMBAN
B029 Development of Sport Psychological Conditioning Virtual Simulation System Mohammad Al-Ashaqir Mohamad Ramsi UiTM SEREMBAN
B030 Enhancing Exercise Motivation Using Virtual Reality Gaming System Muhammad Amir Mukhlis Mohd Asri UiTM SEREMBAN
B031 Utilizing Virtual Reality Technology to Enhance Cardio Exercise Experience Najib Bahaman UiTM SEREMBAN
B032 Development of Novel Physical Exercise Intensity Monitoring Using Color-Coding Heart Rate System for Smart Watch Hairee Mahfuz UiTM SEREMBAN
B033 Beetroot Powder Extract Supplementation Improves Blood Pressure Indices and Enhances Exercise Performance Syed Muhammad Ilham Syed Sheikh UiTM SEREMBAN
B034 Odorless Petai Papan (Parkia Speciosa Hassk.) with Potent Organopolysulfides Biosignalling Modulator Muhammad Syakir Ghazali UiTM SEREMBAN
B035 Red Spinach Extract with Potent Nitric Oxide Biosignalling Nutrient Erwan Wahyudi Kamarudin UiTM SEREMBAN
B036 Foodie Logue Fatin Athirah Azmi UiTM MELAKA
B037 iDoor System Ahmad Farhan Ahmad Afandi UiTM MELAKA
B038 Hybrid LEDs Display Mohammad Arif Amir Mohamad Safri UiTM TGANU
B039 MY-Health Tracker “Better Services, Better Nation” Tuan Nur Aqilah Tuan Kamarudin UiTM PAHANG
B040 Lollypop Cookies Nurshafiza Ismail UiTM PAHANG
B041 Fermented Kappahycus Alvarezii as Food Ingredient in Chili Sauce Norakma mohd Nor UiTM SHAH ALAM
B042 Smart Marker Electricity Conductor (SMEC) Muhammad Nabil Firdaus Miskam UiTM PAHANG
B043 Pet Care System Muhammad Syaruan Syafiq Sanadee UiTM TGANU
B044 VoteX: Voting Machine Based IR Detection Muhammad Zamri Ismail UiTM TGANU
B045 Development of Solar Portable Vaccine Freezer for Rural Area Nur Ariana Zainurin POLITEKNIK SHAH ALAM
B046 Smart Solar Energy Building Anis Sofea Mad Said UiTM PERAK
B047 A Concept of Customizable Modular House (CUSMOD House) Mohammad Azlan Zahanuddin UiTM PERAK
B048 Automated Built-in Guide Rail for Construction Works Nur Ain Nasuha Roshidi UiTM PERAK
B049 Rain Drop Auto Shading Device for Drying Clothes (Rain Shroom) Nur Amalina Aisyah Abdul Razak UiTM PERAK
B050 Smart Construction Helmet (SMET) Nur Ira Nurissa Roseli UiTM PERAK
B051 The Ultimate Pocket Wallet Nurul Naziha Mohd Nasharudin UiTM PUNCAK ALAM
B052 Smart Security Gate Amirul Hamizan Hamee UiTM JOHOR
B053 Baby Multifunction Bag Ahmad Zulfaiz En. Aziz UiTM MELAKA
B054 Bagmock Amira Shahira Ibrahim UiTM MELAKA
B055 Hybrid Laminboard Izzah Azimah Noh UiTM PAHANG
B056 UiTM Raub Marathon Registration System (URaMRS) Khairun Nisyaq Ahmad Zaidee UiTM PAHANG
B057 Real-Time House Dust Monitoring Device for the Home Muhamad Nur Syukrie Azhar UiTM JOHOR
B058 BioKap – Integrated Oil Trap Column for Tropical Coastal Vegetation Nursyaqira Ramle UiTM JOHOR
B059 Woody Words: Interpretative Medium for All Nasrul Najwan Abdul Ghani UiTM MELAKA
B060 Bluetooth Based Door Automation System By Using Smartphones Muhammad Syamin Bin Zainudin UiTM TGANU
B061 Gly-T Meat Additive Wan Saidatul Syida Wan Kamarudin UiTM SHAH ALAM
B062 BROS (Book Reservation Online System) Mohammad Hafiz Bin Ayub Mohideen UiTM PAHANG
B063 Hotel Management System Wan Muhammad Arif Bin Mohamad Nazir UiTM PAHANG
B064 Tournament Bracketing System Ahmad Kamal Abdul Latif UiTM PAHANG
B065 Dewan Titiwangsa (DT) Online Booking System Ahmad Solehin Bin Shamsul Bahri UiTM PAHANG
B066 The Mass Rapid Transit Application (MARTA) Tengku Azlanie Bin Tengku Azman UiTM PAHANG
B067 Sport Venue Booking System Muhammad Qamarul ‘Ashraf bin Abd Hilmi UiTM PAHANG
B068 OneQalam NurKhadijah binti Sarkam UiTM PAHANG
B069 Music On Fingertips Muhammad Izzat Adam bin Muhammad Khairul Annuar Lim UiTM PAHANG
B070 Azadiractha Indica Based Hair Care Product Muhammad Zaidan Rosman UiTM NSEMBILAN
B071 MyAgro Trader Application Ahmad Aris Shahrizan UiTM MELAKA
B072 UiTM Internal Credit Transfer System (ICTS) Farah Dania Nasarudin UiTM MELAKA
B073 B-Peel Flour Syarifah Khadijah Syed Abu Bakar UiTM SHAH ALAM
B074 Automatic Agro – Cup Muhammad Shafiq Bin Sabu UiTM TGANU
B075 Utilizing Plastic Waste For The Green Asphaltic Pavement Norfatini Fairuz
B076 Thermoelectric Generator Heat Exchanger for Low Grade Heat Application UiTM SHAH ALAM
Raihan Abu Bakar
B077 An Application and Devices for Smart Battery Optimizer Muhammad Farid Bin Mohd Zaid UTP
B078 Q-Stration Abdul A’lif haiqal Bin Abd Jalal UiTM PAHANG
B079 U Smart U Spin Aisyah Zanariah Binti Roslan Abdul Ghani UiTM PAHANG
B080 Spin The Facts Ahmad Nabil Bin Ahmad Faisal UiTM PAHANG
B081 Merentasi Medan Ilmu Nurul Asyiqin  Hamdan UiTM PAHANG
B082 PAD’S Orchestra Mohd Shafiq Foziman UiTM PAHANG
B083 Seri Gala Ilmu Muhammad Ridzwan Rahmat UiTM PAHANG
B084 Smart E-Block Muhammad Nabil Firdaus Miskam UiTM PAHANG
B085 Soil-less Mixtures as alternative Media for Kitchen Garden Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohamad UiTM PAHANG
B086 Smart Shoes for Construction Workers (NSR Shoes) Nursyahirah binti Rosle UiTM PERAK
B087 Smarterlatte Iron Board Afiqah Nusrah Binti Mohd Rouse UiTM PAHANG
B088 Mirror The Merrier Nurdahiyah Binti Samad UiTM PAHANG
B089 Political Wheel Muhammad Aniq Syahmi Hamzah UiTM PAHANG
B090 Revision Map (RM) Harshani Alias UiTM TGANU
B091 Mummam Xpres Baby Food Elysa Batrisya binti Khalid UiTM PERAK
B092 Atramento Cen Nor Ku Nazatul Husna binti Mohd Jackarya UiTM PERAK
B093 Food Heater Muhammad Shakur Shazwan Bin Mohd Syukri UiTM PAHANG
B094 KApCas – Hybrid  Water Pollution Filter  using Kapok and Casuarina Fiber for Cage Fish Farming Ameerul Haqeem Akmarul Nazli UiTM JOHOR
B095 EZ Bed Maker Quddssia Korish Binti Azahari UiTM PAHANG
B096 UMTRELLA Muhammad Hazimin Bin Mazlan UiTM PAHANG
B097 I-KERING Muhammad Haziq Maricar Bin Shahul Hameed Maricar UiTM PAHANG
B098 Squat Depth Sensor Muhammad Hafizul Shafiq bin Zainun UiTM PAHANG
B099 Please Help Me Balloon Muhammad Dinie Danial Herman UiTM PAHANG
B100 “Du-It For Youth, Do-It For Nation” Games Nur Diyanah binti Mohd Yusoff UiTM PAHANG
B101 Fire Evacuation Safety Guide System (FireEscape) Nur Diana Binti Rohmat Rose UTP
B102 Merekabentuk “Baveller Jig” Dalam Penggunaan Mesin Hand Baveller Bagi Kerja   Pemotongan  Serong Plat Nurhafizzi Fahmi Suhaimi VOKASIONAL TEMERLOH


Category C

Secondary School Students

C001 Paddy Straw-Clay (pads-clay) Water Filters for Drinking Water Abi Aamar Arshad SMK Panji Alam
C002 Mohd Adib Irfan Withdraw
C003 Eco Efficient Coconut Waste Based Treatment (COWAT) System for Textiles Waste Water Muhd Noor Shamsulainee Othman SM Seri Budiman Kuala Tganu
C004 Kenali Perkakasan Komputer Anda: Papan Permainan Noor Hayati Zakaria SMK Dong, Raub
C005 Magic Sprinkles Muhammad Taufiq Aqib Bahari Sek Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Kuantan
C006 Hygenic Water Machine Mirza Mizwar Yusaini Sek Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Kuantan
C007 Portable Salutation Dais Noor Anum Abdullah SM Sains Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah
C008 Yard Cooler System Ahmad Syarifuddin Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C009 Water Pressure Booster Control System Nurul Ameera Zulaikha Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C010 Dual Axis-Solar Tracking System Mohd Luqman Hanif Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C011 Portable 2 in 1 Refrigerator Mohammad Syahir Amir Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C012 Portable Gas Detector Ahmad Safwan Syukri Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C013 Safety Water Tap Control System (SWTCS) Mohd Syah Sharulhafiz Asrama Yayasan Terengganu
C014 Smart Jewellery Safety Box Siti Anum Ainnunisa Asrama Yayasan Terengganu


Category D

Primary School Students

D001 Bolt and Nut FIFO Racking System for Vehicle Assembly Industry Muhammad Irfan Aqashah Muhafiez Sek. Kluster Kecemerlangan Kg Acheh, Pekan
D002 eS Robot Farm Mohd Firdaus Maskan Integrasi SK Tmn Tun Aminah, Johor
D003 Kotak Perangkap Lemak Mohd Firdaus Maskan Integrasi SK Tmn Tun Aminah, Johor
D004 Kotak Pembakar Roti Mohd Firdaus Maskan Integrasi SK Tmn Tun Aminah, Johor
D005 Smart Safety School Chair Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D006 Eco Air Purifier and Mosquito Repeller Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D007 Eco Plastic Sheet Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D008 Eco Sustainable Farm Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D009 Eco Robot Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D010 Homemade Solar Heater Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D011 Eco Bricks Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D012 Mosquito Repellent Soap Mr Anantarajoo SJK (T) Ringlet, Cameron Higlands
D013 Natural E-Herbs detergent Suguneswary d/o Ramusamy SKK SJK (Tamil), Mentakab
D014 Lemongrass Alternative Insect Repellent Mutu s/o Paramasivam SKK SJK (Tamil), Mentakab


Category E

Government and Private Agencies

D001 Smart Tapping Knife 3.0 (STK 3.0) Shahrizal Othman RISDA
D002 Multipurpose Larvicide Sprayer Wan Mohd Safuan PEJ KESIHATAN RAUB
D003 Sistem Pengurusan Data dan Maklumat Program melalui e-Bina Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hasan Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam, UiTM Shah Alam
D004 Protocol Handbook Mohd Rozaimy Korporat, UiTM RAUB